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CONTACT: 617-658-3006 | | Boston, MA

My name is Jason Baptiste. I am your child's Art Instructor. I started developing my passion for art at the age of 6, drawing cartoons at the kitchen table! At the age of 11 my mother decided to enroll me at the Museum of Fine Arts every Saturday morning, needless to say, I was not happy about missing my Saturday morning cartoons ! However my animosity for fine art would slowly but surely dissipate and give way to a world of wonders! I couldn't get enough ! Every book I owned was covered from front to back in sketches and doodles. I was undoubtedly hooked ! So hooked in fact that as a teenager most of my after school time would ve spent at the Computer Clubhouse, inundating my mind with the limitless possibilities of digital art and design! 


    From there i went on to local art school in Boston Butera School of Art where i stregthened my skills and gained working knowledge of commercial art and industry standard Graphic Design. 


      I just want to inspire creativity in our Youth! Especially in the inner city, I want them to embrace positive and audacious images of themselves in THEIR environment; all while building social skills, critical thinking, positive perceptions, strong work ethic and empowerment! I look forward to working with your children as on this artistic journey of self expression!

Artspiration Lounge is a subsidiary of Christalight and Co. 

My Art Portfolio

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