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Christalight and Co Red Carpet Event Services

Christalight and Co

Red Carpet Event Services



  • Materials (logo, photo, etc) for design printout customizations must be emails 3 weeks prior to event to INFO@CHRISTALIGHTANDCO.COM.  Designs for printout customizations are limited to 2 revisions.

  •  The Photo booth must be provided ample space of at least 8x8 feet with a nearby electrical outlet

  • An air conditioned location is ideal for proper equipment operation. 

  • We will implement a 10 minutes Stop-Time every hour during the event for booth maintenance (replacement of ink or paper)

  • We will charge for additional time base on your package: + $ 0/hour  for SAPPHIRE and EMERALD PACKAGES, + $100/hour for RUBY and DIAMOND  PACKAGES.

  • Booking fee is only $250.

  • Full Payment shall be made one (2) weeks before the event. Final Payment MUST BE MADE prior to set up if not paid 2 weeks before the event. All major credit/debit cards, certified check and money order accepted. 



T E R M S  A N D   C O N D I T I O N S 

  • The agreement of the CRCA is subject to detention by sickness, accident, act of God or conditions beyond C&CO’s control. If such an event prevents C&CO’s operation, the deposit will immediately be refunded to the Purchaser and C&CO  will have no further liability or responsibility under this contract.

  •  Purchaser and C&CO further agree that this contract is not subject to cancellation unless both parties hereto have agreed to such cancellation in writing and such written cancellation is delivered to C&CO at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the hour the operation is to begin.

  • The person executing this contract on behalf of each party represents and warrants that he or she is of legal age and has the authority to enter into this agreement. Should he or she not have such authority, he or she personally accepts and assumes full responsibility and liability for payment to C&CO under the terms of this contract.

  • Party of the second part shall be responsible for supervising behavior of people attending the operation. If guest’s behavior becomes intolerable, and after calling this to the attention of the party of the second part and said condition is not corrected, party of the first part has the right to end the operation without refund.

  • Costs of repair/replacement of equipment as a result of audience action, theft, or fire in venue is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

  • Purchaser and C&CO agree that receipt of this signed contract and commencement of performance shall be confirmation of all terms of the contract and shall be binding on all parties. 

  • C&CO reserve the right to use the images for publication advertising, display or for any other purpose.

  • Deposits are non-refundable.  


W H E N   N E C E S S A R Y - We reserve the right to use the images for publication advertising, display or for any other purpose. Miscellaneous charges such as parking and permits are at the expense of the client. In an event of an equipment failure we will resort to the use of our backup equipment which may not be the same brand and model as our main unit. Christalight And Co with the development, and delivery of the images; however, in the event that we fails to comply with the terms of this contract, then Christalight And Co liability is limited to refund of the deposits. 

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